She Speaks!

I haven’t had the chance to make my blogging debut here. It was a busy end of school year, an even busier summer at work, and processing a trip of this magnitude took its toll. 

If you’ve been keeping up, this was kind of my idea originally. As my work life and personal life were super overwhelming, the thought of picking up and leaving for a year seemed like a just right fit for our family. 

I can imagine us having the time of our lives and making memories that would last a lifetime. Jay told you he was a hopeless romantic…frequently I’m the opposite of that, so it was a huge surprise that I felt so content and calm with the trip. (This may have been a bit naive.)

I know that Jay officially announced the postponement of our trip. And, like he said, we are sad. Life doesn’t always end up how we plan and we’re not always prepared for what is thrown at us, but we really do believe that this year will still be filled with making amazing memories for our family and community. And who knows. We may still end up in an RV soon anyway.

Stay tuned…we aren’t done with our crazy ideas!

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