“When I was Your Age,….”

So what have we here? What is this cultural trend towards tiny houses and this incredible—and incredibly common—longing for satisfaction and self-actualization? Why the search for meaning and fulfillment?

Some may say that people in first-world countries now find themselves in a unique position in history, having everything their hearts could ever want, but discovering that it does not truly satisfy.

Think of our great, great grandparents or those who have come before us, enduring the Industrial Revolution and the Great Depression, or famine or genocide or any number of great difficulties. People before us didn’t have the luxuries we have today. They weren’t afforded the opportunity to think selfishly or to seek that personal joy and fulfillment because they spent all their time working to put food on the table for their families., to make a better life for their kids. You see, we now have that better life that they wanted for their families, don’t we?

I dare say the struggle today is actually the same—it just takes a different form. Everybody still has to work, still has to provide for her family, and still has—and always has had—a deep desire to find purpose in this world.

“Same as it ever was…” – Talking Heads

Our struggles today are nothing new. It’s a human trait. But I do think it’s important for us to keep in mind that many today and many throughout history could not have ever even considered the kind of trip that we now consider. They are, indeed, burdened by work and servitude, slavery and poor work conditions, debt that cannot be repaid, and denied access to the freedoms which we here consider as common as the air we breathe.

Today, I’m thankful for this opportunity. And I simply hope that we do the right thing for our family.

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